IT Asset Management

Tracking and Discovery
are just the beginning

Provide extraordinary capability, optimization and reduced complexity to your employees, driving out unneeded cost, and be more efficient in the way you provide IT services in your business. IT Asset Management cloud will help drive value to your customers, to your end users, and to your bottom line with processes built around:

  • Inventory & Asset Discovery
  • Hardware and Software Asset Management
  • Software License Management

Operational Focus.
The first key ITAM discipline is the ability to make sure you have the right asset with the employees that need them, at the right time, so you can drive operational efficiencies. There’s a heavy emphasis placed on onboarding, offboarding, software distribution and reclamation.  These processes are critical in the IT asset management world to make sure you have everything you need at the right place at the right time.

Contractual or Fiscal Focus.
Reducing the worry around contractual obligations, software entitlements, and staying compliant with our regulatory needs for GDPR, PCI, HIPPA, and SOX is the second key discipline of Asset Management. Security people within your organization need to know what hardware and software the company has, who’s using it, its location, and what’s residing on those assets. They are demanding better asset management capabilities in order to protect the enterprise against growing security threats.

The Key to ITAM Success is Process
Process is critical. Without process, it’s nearly impossible, regardless of the tool you’re using, to be successful. You need to have policies that restrict and guide the movement of assets and control what’s coming in. Standards and procedures need to be put in place so we know when it’s time to refresh, what the flow of asset movement is and what governs their movement.

IT Asset Management

Don’t just track your assets, optimize them


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