Vulnerability Threat Management Services

Vulnerbility Assessment

iTrustech offers its clients vulnerability assessment service, which is a comprehensive health check of a system for exposed vulnerabilities without their direct exploitation. This is a cost-effective measure in helping organization staying up-to-date when it comes to security. We can customize the framework, scanning strategy and provide customized report consists of vulnerability findings, risk ratings and remediation recommendations.

Penetration Testing

iTrustech performs vulnerability assessments in accordance with “best-in-class” practices as defined by ISECOM’s Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM) and the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). Our experts use both automated tools and manual techniques to identify vulnerabilities that threaten to compromise the security of sensitive information protected by a client’s infrastructure, policies and processes. From the assessment, we provide a comprehensive report containing identified risks, security weaknesses and misconfigurations as well as specific, actionable steps to eliminate identified vulnerabilities and improve overall security.

Static Source Code Analysis (white-box testing)

iTrustech’s static source code analysis service helps to highlight possible vulnerabilities and security weaknesses in code, during the Security Development Lifecycle (SDLC) phase. We use industry standard security tools and techniques such as Taint Analysis and Data Flow Analysis, and provide best recommendations for the fixes and findings.

The above preventive measures can help organization to save thousands of dollars in losses from compromised reputation, reduced customer confidence, business disruptions, lost productivity and more.

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